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Monday, May 15, 2006

Pres. Bush on Illegal Immigration

The President’s speech was a measured approach to a tidal wave of dissent from the Republican base. If all that the President said was actually initiated, Pres. Bush just might save the party from dissolution. If it was just so much hot air to calm the faithful, the Republican will suffer the consequences. The President better have been serious, and he better have done his homework to assure that he can deliver on his program with the partnership of the congress.

I am not all that optimistic. Not addressed in the speech is the issue of children born in this country to illegal aliens. Are the children or are they not entitled to be U.S. citizens based upon their place of birth.

Another problem is the concept that illegal aliens could earn the right to citizenship, but that they must stand in-line behind aliens who play by the rules. How realistic is that idea? Legally applying aliens wait in-line for years to become citizens. How long would 12 million illegals be forced to stand in-line?

The lynch pin to the illegal alien problem is sanctions on employers who hire illegals. Drying up the job availability for illegal aliens is the only sure way to stop the influx and stem the flow.

The really big question is whether the President is serious and whether or not he has the political capital to make it happen.