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Retired: 30years law enforcement-last 20 years Criminal Intelligence Detective.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Morales Deserves a Death with Pain

Michael Morales choked Terri Winchell with a belt until the belt broke. He then hit her in the head 23 times with a hammer, drug her across a highway face down, raped her and stabbed her in the chest four times. No one but the victim can forgive the crime. If God wants to forgive him, that’s between God, Terri and Morales.

It’s man’s job to create systems that protect the earthly innocent from predators like Morales. Morales must be executed; we owe it to his victim. The only question is how we accomplish the execution.

Michael Morales does not deserve a painless execution. He deserves to die like his victim died. To do any less devaluates her life and all of our lives as well. There is a positive aspect for society in the Old Testament admonition of an eye for an eye. So let Morales die fighting for his life, tearing his own hair out in anguish and begging for help.

A death like this for Morales is not revenge, it is justice. A balancing of the Scales of Justice. Morales deserves no mercy, for he gave no mercy to his innocent victim just beginning her life.

The more liberal crowd cry out that the state taking the life of Morales is barbaric and continues the cycle of violence. There is no cycle of violence. Morales unlawfully took the life of an innocent, young lady. The state will be lawfully taking the life of a predator after he has been allowed to live 23 years after the murder. For 23 years he has been able to enjoy a restricted life with some pleasures. And all that time, he has been able to hope that he might escape the hangman’s noose.

Carrying out the execution of Morales in the style that I envision would be traumatic and psychologically damaging to any state employee charged with carrying out the order. We need an executioner that is already psychologically damaged and might actually enjoy carrying out the execution in the prescribed manner. Where would we get such a person? That’s easy. The prisons are already full of them. For the cost of maybe a carton of cigarettes, I’ll bet there would be plenty of volunteers.

The “progressive” nations have already outlawed the death penalty. What an asinine policy, because progressive does not necessarily mean better. Quite the contrary, progressives and progressive nations have devalued individual human life in favor of less personal responsibility and less meaningful consequences.

I can only hope that Morales is utterly terrified tonight, because it is the only real penalty he will pay for his crime. He certainly will not be feeling any physical pain. An execution will be fulfilled, but the Scales of Justice will not be balanced. And, we are a lesser people for having let Terri down. In so doing, we are not affirming in the most forceful way that innocent life is sacred to us. That’s the wrong message to send to society.

Correction: 25 years.