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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Where’s the Protest for the Morales Execution?

Hey! What’s up? Where’s all the hoopla from Danny Glover, Mike Ferrell, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and all the rest of the big name anti-death penalty crowd? California is again getting ready to execute another murderer.

We last heard from the gallant group with the execution of black “Tookie” Williams, but we heard nothing on the American Indian Ray Allen execution. And, now nothing for Hispanic Michael Morales.

Where are these liberals? I thought liberals were the compassionate and caring among us; Caring for all mankind. I guess I was wrong. It seems that they are only care about some people. Gee, what a shock! But, hey it’s that time of the year again when certain industries are busy with the self-congratulatory mode. You know, Oscars, Emmys and the like. I’m so excited about all of the awards, I just can’t get upset about the execution of another murderer. But, heck I’m a conservative, I’m not supposed to be caring.

Someone please tell me what night the Oscars are scheduled. I’ve got a book I’ve been meaning to read.