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Saturday, February 18, 2006

China Reveals Its True Colors

The ideal of Communism has died or is dying, and in some places it is being replaced with plain old fascism. China is a good example. In the news currently is the controversy about China censoring access to the Internet. Free expression and the access to free expression are cornerstones to freedom. Freedom, of course, is a relative term, so let’s just say that China is only interested in restricted and controlled freedom.

I mentioned in my SV Sophist’s State of the World blog that Islam is a potential problem for China,

Islam is also making inroads to the generally secular Chinese populations, especially in the areas bordering Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Now, China is openly admitting that Islam is a problem, and the Chinese authorities intend to do something about it. Read the article, More Birth Control Sought in China Region,
A Chinese official has called for tougher birth control in the western region home to a Muslim ethnic group, saying population growth is hindering the area's economic development.

The proposal by Nur Bakri, a deputy Communist Party secretary in the Xinjiang region, was criticized by an activist who said it could lead to further human rights violations against the Muslim Uighur ethnic group.

Islam is a long-term threat to the Chinese authorities, and they know it. The future suppression of Muslims will make Tiananmen Square look tame.

Two good fascist tools: Control the information; and control the birth rate, especially for dangerous portions of the population.