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Saturday, February 18, 2006

U. S. Press 0, European Press 1

There is a large schism between the U. S. and Europe when it comes to societal values and fortitude to stand up against philosophical foes who wish you harm. The U. S. rose up with indignation at 9/11/01 and struck back at Islamofascism with determination. That determination is basically lacking on the European continent. Even though Islamofascists have now struck both London and Madrid, the Europeans are only responding with domestic restrictions that would never be acceptable in the U. S. The Europeans are not taking the fight to the Islamofascists. U. S. 1, Europeans 0.

Along comes the Prophet Mohammad editorial cartoons and guess what happens. Ironically, the European press responds by defying the threats and publishing the cartoons all over Europe. With a few exceptions, the U. S. press refuses to publish the cartoons.

I’ve heard the excuse given that there is no reason for the U. S. press to publish the cartoons since they are readily available on the Internet. I don’t think so. The cartoons are a legitimate news item and the public needs to see how innocuous they are to properly put the worldwide Muslim protests in perspective. To that end, I have published the most inflammatory cartoon here. Pretty tame is it not? U. S. Press 0, European Press 1.