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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Doing Our Part for Our Military Personnel

Most Americans say that they support our military troops. The exception is the rare individuals who are honest enough to admit that they are in opposition to wars and foreign adventures of all sorts. It is kind of refreshing to hear the honesty, but it is disgusting to know that there are those among us who are content to suck from the tit of freedom and make no personal payments or support those who make the payments for us. The fact that these individuals are tolerated is a tribute to our society of freedom. To be able to say what you feel and not be imprisoned is a great feature of this society. The same can not be said for some so-called progressive countries. Take for instance Austria, which is imprisoning David Irving for claiming 16 years ago that the Holocaust was fraudulent. Apparently, the First Amendment principle does not exist in a number of the “enlightened” European countries and Canada.

For those of you who are grateful for the sacrifices of others, here is a great organization that you can assist to make the lives of our service people a little better: Operation Home Front. The San Diego/Camp Pendleton Area Chapter mission statement:

To Provide Assistance with Day-to-Day Issues that face our military families when service members are deployed, allowing them to focus on the global war on terrorism and not be preoccupied by a crisis occurring at home.When situations arise families do not always have the necessary resources to get the issue resolved, and they likely do not have any local family members to turn to in their time of need. Deployments can be a very lonely and stressful time for families left behind, and Operation Homefront, with the help of the San Diego community, is here to be that “extended family” when difficult times arise.Your donated dollars help us provide much needed assistance to military families in crisis. In an effort to stretch your donation even farther, we partner with local businesses that generously lend their time, talent and treasures to provide pro-bono and/or discounted goods and services. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide crucial assistance in the following areas:
Critical Car Repair
Appliance Repair
Household Moving Assistance
Refurbished Computers and Digital Cameras
Emergency Food Assistance
Emergency Financial Assistance
Donated Vehicles
Baby Items and Used
Most of the country can not join in the actual fight, but we can all help those who are sweating and bleeding for us by supporting their families. Let’s all get on board and help the cause of freedom.