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Friday, September 16, 2005

Wake Up Americans, Even Our Own Want to Kill Us

Americans are a good people; a people who have a hard time thinking ill of others. And there is another thing; despite our successes we are neither particularly worldly nor knowledgeable about the intricacies of other cultures. Maybe that is why it is reported,

A U.S. military report says intelligence analysts are trapped in American mindsets and cannot comprehend the culture of Islamic militants.


An army report says seasoned intelligence analysts have failed to understand Al Qaida and its goals because they could not move beyond American culture, values and reasoning.

You would think that with all of our disposable income and abilities to travel, that we would have a better understanding of other cultures. That week or two in Europe, Asia or where ever else you might travel only exposes a thin veneer of other cultures. It really doesn’t reveal that which makes another culture tick. And, with the multitude of cultures living in this country, you might think that we would have a better understanding of others. But, we don’t.

The American experiment, with limited duplications elsewhere, has created a unique people with boundless enthusiasm and good will toward others. It is hard for us to realize that there are segments of other societies that want nothing more than our total destruction in their quest for world dominance. And, those cultural influences are powerful and have the ability to infest even people bred and raised in the lap of our relative great luxuries and freedoms. That’s how we have gotten Jihad Johnny (John Walker Lindh), Jose Padilla (would-be Dirty Bomber), Adam Pearlman (Azzam the American), and recently the three members of an American prison spawned Islamo-fascist group, Jamiyyat Ul Islam Is Saheeh (JIS).

The great American experiment strips away many of the cultural components which reinforce insular and in-bred emotional reactions and thinking processes characteristic of other cultures. It’s our great advantage and our Achilles Heel all rolled into one.