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Friday, September 09, 2005

New Orleans is Violating Constitutional Rights

First New Orleans Mayor Nagin fails to evacuate the city and now that the major danger has passed, he is intent on violating constitutional rights by evicting citizens from their homes and confiscating legally owned firearms from competent citizens who are provisioned to stay in the city for a long time.

The New York Times reported,

They are defying Mayor C. Ray Nagin's orders to leave, contending that he will violate their constitutional rights if he forces them out of the homes they own or rent.

Mr. Nagin has said the city is not safe for civilians because of the risk of fire and water-borne diseases.

If there is so much disease, how is it that rescue and reconstruction workers can work safely?

NO residents had this to say,
They cannot understand why. They live on high ground in the Bywater neighborhood, and their house escaped structural damage. They are healthy and have enough food and water to last almost a year.

They have a dog to protect them, a car with a full tank of gasoline should they need to leave quickly and a canoe as a last resort. They said they used it last week to rescue 100 people.

"We have food, we have water, we have antibiotics,"

So, during the crisis at the Superdome and the Convention Center, the city administration blocked food and water from being delivered because they did not want to encourage people to stay in the city. Now the city fathers are confiscating firearms which increases the danger to the remaining citizens.
To reduce the risk of violent confrontation, the police began confiscating firearms on Thursday, even those legally owned.

New Orleans police have a bad reputation for being corrupt. Will it never end?
In general, residents say the active-duty soldiers and National Guard troops had treated them well. Local police officers, many of them working for almost two weeks straight and having lost families or possessions, have been much more aggressive,

Mr. Dobbs said. Two New Orleans police officers stole $50 and a bottle of whiskey from him last week after finding him on the street after dark,…