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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Geraldo Hysteria in the Big Easy

Last night, Fox News had Geraldo Rivera at the New Orleans Convention Center, which is a shelter for the Katrina displaced. Geraldo was completely over-the-top with grief about the conditions at the Convention Center. He kept picking up babies and wailing about the poor babies and the lack of emergency help. The babies and mothers looked fine, and it was not until Geraldo got his hands on the babies that they started crying. Speaking of crying, I could not tell if Geraldo was actually crying or just on the verge of it.

This morning, Sat., Geraldo was back on the air and now jubilantly exclaiming about the miracle of the relief efforts. He interviewed a Nat Guard Col. and she stated that the health problems were primarily existing among the elderly. She related that the mothers were taking good care of their babies, and that the babies were in good condition.

So much for Geraldo and balanced reporting. What a joke!