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The Simi Valley Sophist ruminates on all manner of topics from the micro to the macro. SVS travels whatever path strikes his fancy. Encyclopedia Britannica: Sophist "Any of certain Greek lecturers, writers, and teachers in the 5th and 4th centuries BC, most of whom travelled about the Greek-speaking world giving instruction in a wide range of subjects in return ..."

Location: California, United States

Retired: 30years law enforcement-last 20 years Criminal Intelligence Detective.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Simi Valley Sophist Profiled in the VC Reporter

In today’s issue of the Ventura County Reporter, Simi Valley Sophist and the companion blog, Simi Valley Soapbox, are profiled.
One of the most attractive blogs we’ve seen, Simi Valley Sophist, looks like it’s printed with expensive ink on parchment paper. But it’s not just a pretty face — the content is substantive enough that on Aug. 29 it was named Blog of the Week on, an influential blog run by national radio personality and author Hugh Hewitt.
The blog’s author is… a massage therapist and public speaker who’s also been a criminal intelligence detective in Southern California for 16 years.

Though… (SVS) has only been blogging for a few months, he’s already been quoted in The Washington Post alongside other so-called right-wing bloggers. Though… (SVS) doesn’t consider himself a right-winger, he says he is more right than left; and he doesn’t necessarily mind the mis-categorization in The Post. “Even bad publicity is good publicity,” he said.