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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Big Easy HAVE NOTS Have Not

I imagine that you, like me, are likely to have received via the internet various alleged observations upon the demeanor and character of the evacuees from the Superdome and N.O. Convention Center upon their arrival and stay in Texas. Each missive that I received stressed that a minority of the evacuees do not match the descriptions attributed to the remaining 70% or so. Here is compilation of characteristics, or lack thereof, for the majority of HAVE NOTS.

The HAVE NOTS as a group have not:

Delayed Gratification
Civilized manners
Work Ethic

To the contrary, the HAVE NOTS manifest the opposite negative values. Why be surprised? Can you expect anything more from of the entitlement society? You reap what you sow.

If government insists on subsidizing the perennially unproductive portion of society, at least it ought to do so with required employment in a federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) style of work program. No work-no food-no money, with limited exceptions. To do otherwise simply coddles and encourages the expansion of the parasitic underclass. I know that is not the intention, but it is the result. These people, like those making up the majority percentage of N.O. HAVE NOTS, create a hell-hole living environment sucking down and obliterating the potential for the HAVE NOTS who do have the desire and values to strive for improvement.

The tragedy in our country is that there is a large political group that does not understand the realities of the HAVE NOTS. The practice of patronizing and throwing money at the problem obviously does not work. It is time to stop thinking with the heart and start thinking with the brain. You heart thinkers know who you are. I know that it is hard for you because you just feel so bad about all of this unpleasantness. I know, I know; it just should not be that way!