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Monday, September 17, 2007

Shallow Is As Shallow Does

By now the whole world must know about Senator Larry Craig’s arrest in a Minneapolis Airport bathroom for engaging in preliminary homosexual contact activity. But, do you know that the bathroom in question has become a tourist attraction? From an AP article,

It's because they want to see the stall made famous by U.S. Sen. Larry Craig's arrest in a sex sting.

"It's become a tourist attraction," said Karen Evans, information specialist at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. "People are taking pictures."

Here is a clear example that there is quite a segment of society that are losers in their own right given that they have nothing more engaging in their lives than visiting said bathroom.

"We had to just stop and check out the bathroom," Sally said. "In fact, it's Jon's second time _ he was here last week already."

You’ve got to wonder about the future of the American society when this sort of stuff is important to people.

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Travelers Ask To See Craig Bathroom