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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wish These Were My Parents, I’d Be So Proud

Picture this: you are boy three to four years old and you wear a Mohawk hairdo at least 3 inches tall; your father is wearing a Superman shirt; and your mother looks like the other photograph. Don’t miss Dad’s forearm decoration. What are your prospects of reaching adulthood as a mature, well adjusted individual? Oh, by the way, Halloween is still seven weeks away.

From my blog The Conformity of Non-Conformity or How I Learned to Love the Tattoo,
Noted psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Marmer stated on Dennis Prager’s nationally syndicated radio show sometime ago that individuals who have not done anything to earn recognition will get a tattoo as a way of saying look at me, I’m somebody.

I quoted Thomas Sowell in my blog Look At Me,

People can get attention either from their accomplishments or from their deliberate attempts to get attention. Today, almost everywhere you look, people seem to be putting their efforts into getting attention.
Wild hairdos, huge tattoos, pierced body parts, outlandish clothing, weird statements -- all these have become substitutes for achievements.

So lovers of ink, what do you think? I am just asking because I doubt that the little boy requested the hair style all by himself.

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