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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

War on Terror-When is Enough, Enough?

Gaze at the faces of the fallen, both male and female, from Afghanistan and Iraq at the Women’s Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery and then gaze into the faces of your grandchildren. Now ask yourself, when is it that we have paid enough with the lives of our young in this “War on Terror?”

Generally, there is little sense among Americans that we are engaged in a war. Except, that is, for the families of the dead and wounded and for those actually engaged in the war. For military personnel and some law enforcement, the war and its consequences are well understood.

It took Americans at large a long time to recognize and accept the fact that fascism was knocking on the door until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Suddenly they understood the threat, a threat that instantly became easy to visualize. For many, the threat today is not so easy to visualize because there is no obvious nation-state flying its flag from battle cruisers, airplanes, tanks or missiles.

To walk among the dead at Arlington National Cemetery is a sobering testimony that evil has always been present in the history of the U.S. in the form of someone succeeding in killing Americans. The fact that Arlington National Cemetery exists today is an acknowledgement that Americans have and continue to make sacrifices for the good of the majority.

When someone pokes you in the eye with a stick and has every intention of poking you in the other eye before slitting your throat, what should be your response? Today we are being poked many times abroad and at home. We are paying the price in lives.

When is it that we have paid enough with the lives of our young in this “War on Terror?” It is when every Islamo-fascist has been given what he really wants, a final trip to be with Allah. It is time to pick the side that you want to be on. Either take up fundamental Islam and submit to the rule of the Sharia Court, or take up arms. It’s your choice, and your children and grandchildren will reap the consequences of that choice.