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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Testicles, Moral Morass Exhibit Six

Testicles. Now, there is a word not often used in general American conversation. It is more common to hear slang words such as: balls; cahones; or family jewels, to mention just a few. We have an aversion to using correct names for human sexual organs, and perhaps that is because we are insecure sexually. Some would say up-tight.

You can imagine my surprise driving through Sedalia, Missouri, and seeing a billboard depicted in the photo herein. It turns out that country folk have no problem using the correct terminology when referring to the male genitals of non-human animals, along with a slang word or two as well.

A quick search on Google showed that there a number of annual “testicle festivals” and one huffy lady objecting to an article on the festivals. She wrote:

…I have to wonder why you would waste your time writing such a low-level kind of article, and glorifying the vulgarity of this "festival," except that it might serve to titillate the more crude segment of the population.
It also, again, proves that men think very little of their reproductive equipment so that it is frequently the subject for poor jokes and snide remarks -- once again proving that more of their time is spent in being occupied with what is between their thighs than what is between their ears. Or, put into easy vernacular -- they think more highly of their b--ls than they do of their brains. Result: they end up thinking with the b---ls.

It turns out that even the huffy lady doesn’t use the word “testicles” when referring to male human anatomy. I suspect that there is something dreadfully wrong with a segment of our collective vision of our own bodies, and it can’t be healthy.