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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Let’s Put “Memorial” Back In Memorial Day

Neither the title nor the concept of this blog is original, but the sentiment is spot on. The United States of America is the most magnificent country in the world, and it is so because of its people. America did not get where she is by happenstance. There is a character trait within the people that accounts for the attainment of all that makes the country great. Of course, not all Americans have the character necessary to sustain the success of the nation.

One character flaw is the failure to express gratitude to those who gave their lives and/or efforts in the defense of this nation. When Memorial Day becomes just another holiday from work and an excuse to party, the character flaw is expressed. If enough people express the flaw, the country will cease to be great, and it will decline into a second-class status.

It is our responsibility to teach the younger ones the significance of Memorial Day. To make the day significant, highlight the sacrifices of a family member. I wrote a Memorial Day blog to my kin last year, and they should read it each year.

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