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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I’m an Idiot, Says the Marked, Stupid Man

A couple of months ago I wrote on the now fashionable trend of marking your body with indelible ink stains. You know what I mean; those cute little dolphins, fairies, and unicorns that your daughter sports on her buttocks, shoulder blade or bikini line. Or, how about the massive splotch of color across her sacrum? No, it’s a tribal band around the bicep you say; quite popular with males and a few females.

Humor writer Jason Love wrote in an article titled Confessions of a marked, stupid man that he got his tribal band after consuming too much tequila leaving him in a condition best described, I suppose, as blotto. Jason now thinks that:

Every tattoo should say the same thing: "I'm an idiot."

Jason, I think that the tattoo already says that. The trouble is that many people are illiterate.

For my blogging effort, I received a verbal thrashing from the defenders of the right to be an idiot. I suspect that at least one derisive detractor had a sharpened object protruding from the lashing tongue.

As it turns out, Jason eventually came to his senses and decided to have his idiot mark removed. That proves that the idiocy is not necessarily permanent, even though the tattoo tries it’s best to refute the issue. With great humor, Jason recounted his less than comfortable and expensive ordeal trudging the path to redemption.