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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Comrade Meathead and the People’s Republic

Who can forget the memorable TV series All in the Family staring: Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker; Jean Stapleton as Edith; Sally Struthers as Gloria; and Rob Reiner as Mike the “Meathead?” All of the show’s actors were outstanding making for hilarious comedy. The thing that makes a comedy funny is the truth to which we can relate. I am wondering whether Norman Lear engaged in typecasting when he picked Rob Reiner to play the role of Mike Stivic, the young liberal counterpart to old conservative Archie Bunker. Or did Reiner absorb the liberal persona of his character in the comedy? Which ever way it was, today Reiner is certainly the same “Meathead.”

Thanks to the great amount of money that Reiner has amassed, he is in the forefront of pushing the liberal agenda on the California political scene. You have to give Reiner credit for putting into play his liberal politics in an effective manner, as opposed to many of his Hollywood counterparts who simply spout liberal talking points and make celebrity appearances.

Reiner’s socialist political message is dead-on for the Californians who constitute the virtual People’s Republic of California. Simply put, the People’s Republic of California stands for the principle of wealth confiscation and redistribution. It is ironic, is it not, that some of the state’s most wealth people subscribe to the socialist philosophy of taking from those who produce and giving to those who do not produce. Is it guilt for all that they have? Do they perhaps feel that they have amassed their fortunes too easily? Whatever it is that drives these people, I suspect that none of them are personally hurt financially by their liberal programs. They have so much money that they can afford to hire the best accountants and attorneys to shield their money. And, these wealthy people can easily afford any increased tax liability without impacting their extravagant lifestyle. The same can not be said for the middle income wage earner who ends up carrying the bulk of the liberal agenda tax liability.

One consequence to California’s exorbitant taxation is the flight of business and residents to less tax onerous states. What a shame that the state with the best weather and financial potential is driving away sources of income and residents, who can no longer afford the cost of living in the state.

George Sjostrom, writing for the Ventura County Star, describes the exodus from the state in terms of the cost of renting a U-Haul truck to either move out of or into California. The costs are higher to move out-of-state based upon the greater demand to move away.

California is in the midst of tremendous social upheaval. At the same time that social programs are under siege by greater demands from an increasingly dependant populous, socialist activists are pushing for more programs. Those who are paying the bills are beginning to vote with their feet and move out-of-state.

If California continues on its current path, there will be continual shift toward a more blue state. The more wealthy liberal residents can feel smug and assuage their guilt as they sip their fancy coffee and drive their expensive vehicles. The leftist radical element will celebrate with raised clenched fists under the watchful gaze of Che Guevara on the wall of Bohemian style coffee houses. They will be plotting how they can take the wealth from their smug counterparts. Why not just kill them and take it? It was good enough for Guevara and Fidel Castro. Watch out Rob Reiner; you could go from Meathead to dead meat.