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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sovereignty Ignored; Seal the Border and Deport

If the last couple of days taught us anything it is that there are a large number of ungrateful people in this country who think that the U.S. owes them a place to live and work irrespective of whether or not people are here legally. It is a testament to the freedoms of this country when illegal aliens feel free to blatantly demonstrate without apparent fear of identification and deportation. The attitude seems to be one of I’m here and there is nothing you can do about it. If that’s your attitude, you might be in for a surprise. There is a large percentage of U.S. citizens who are reaching the end of their patience with the arrogance of those who have come here in contravention to our laws. . The demonstrations have brought the problem to the forefront in stark relief. Illegal aliens are already an issue and the demonstrations might fan the flames of political blowback from an otherwise tolerant citizenry.

The fact that there are ungrateful illegal aliens is irrelevant. After all, there are plenty of citizens who are ungrateful as well. Nevertheless, contrition and gratefulness would go a long way in swaying the debate

My position might resonate well with the perturbed citizens:

The tidal wave of illegal aliens flowing relatively unimpeded across our border with Mexico must be stopped. If that means building a 700 mile wall along the entire length of the border, so be it. We can do it. Israel’s wall is 404 miles long, and it works well for them. Does a wall mean that illegal aliens will not be able to enter the country? No, but it will sure reduce the number who succeed.

Every person in the U.S. illegally must be required to become properly documented and penalized in some manner for the criminal immigration violations. After a predetermined date, anyone of undocumented immigration status should be charged with a felony and immediately deported without prosecution and without the future option of immigrating. If the person subsequently returns to this country, he should be prosecuted and incarcerated in prison.

Criminal and civil sanctions must be applied to both public and private entities which employ or give aid and comfort to illegal aliens. That includes churches, unless their ministrations are delivered in the back of an INS van.

Some sort of guest worker program must be instituted wherein alien workers may only stay in the country a predetermined number of years. The intent of the program is to accommodate businesses in need of workers and not solve the economic woes of the alien’s home country.

Many think that people have an inalienable right to come to this country. That is not the case; the privilege is regulated by law. If you don’t agree with the law, change it.

What’s the probability that such a program will come to pass? That depends upon whether there is sufficient political will to take on the expense of actually addressing the multitude of intertwined problems. There are no inexpensive options.

Update & Counterpoint: Read Al Martinez’s piece Protesters are music to his ears.

My answer to Al is included above: “Many think that people have an inalienable right to come to this country. That is not the case; the privilege is regulated by law. If you don’t agree with the law, change it.”