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Saturday, March 18, 2006

No Blood for Water

The ignominious chant of "no blood for oil" is disingenuous because every one of these folks benefits from the usage of oil. As I write this blog with a dandy cold, I reach for the tissue paper to receive the products of blowing my nose and the hacking up of phlegm. The point is that tissue paper did not just magically appear in a cardboard box in my home. A lot of oil was burned for me to have the privilege of casually reaching for that box. More basic to human needs than oil is water.

There are parts of the world where access to plentiful clean water is nothing more than a pipe dream. That situation led to fourth World Water Forum, a conference in Mexico City with representative of 130 nations attending. Mexican activists at an alternative summit are vowing to go to war over water.

Mexico is a country rich in natural resources and a large available work force. And yet, much of the country lacks the simple amenities of clean, plentiful water. The only explanation is a corrupt political system that has pilfered the national treasury and left the citizens to fend for themselves.

Are the no blood for oil folks going to start chanting no blood for water?