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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Islamism-A Global Threat & the Manifesto

Many writers, scholars and commentators are on the forefront of recognizing Islamism as the totalitarian challenge of the 21st century. But, it takes a special courage to speak out against Islamism when you come from countries and cultures that are spawning Islamism.

A group of 12 writers, journalists and intellectuals issued a “manifesto” in opposition to the rising tide of Islamism. Notable among the group are Salman Rushdie, who’s work Satanic Verses earned him a death fatwa from the Iranians, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a writer who’s film Submission led to the murder of Theo Van Gogh.

At the end of the Jyllands-Posten article on the manifesto is listed the bio for each signatory. The 12 are an interesting collection of individuals including Communist Maryam Namazie. Even a supporter of the philosophy that enslaved millions of people is afraid of Islamism.

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin.