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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why Does Socialized Medicine Want to Kill a Baby?

In England, little Charlotte Wyatt is gravely ill and fighting the lung infection that threatens to end her young life. In direct opposition to the wishes of her parents, her doctors applied to a judge for the right to not resuscitate her.

A High Court judge yesterday lifted a previous ruling that she should always be resuscitated, on the grounds that the two-year-old was now on a "downward rather than an upward trend".

Doctors at St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth, had previously argued that her life was so intolerable that if her condition worsened they should be allowed to withhold treatment.

Any yet, previously she has recovered from that “intolerable…condition.”

The doctors apparently feel that their actions are in the best interest of Charlotte. Charlotte might not think they are correct since it is she who must die.

This is absolutely outrageous. There is some other medical mentality in play here of which I am not familiar in the U.S. Could it be that under the English system of socialized medicine that it costs too much to save this little girl?

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin. Go to her blog for links on this story.