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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tookie is Not Forgiven by His Victims: It’s Time for Him to Die

Tookie Williams murdered four people in 1979. The LA Times headline reads, “Execution Closer for a “Model of Humanity”.”

Model of humanity? At the time Tookie was a dyed in the wool gang member and co-founder of the infamous black Crips street gang. Since his conviction Tookie has taken advantage of his time in prison awaiting execution to write a number of books encouraging youth to avoid the street gang lifestyle. A laudable effort, but hardly one that redeems him from his responsibility for eliminating four people.

Some anti-death penalty advocates advance the theory that Tookie is rehabilitated and should be spared his date with the executioner. Supporters of Tookie’s pending execution point out that he has never accepted responsibility for his crimes. Neither position is on point. Tookie committed crimes with irretrievable results. He unlawfully took away the lives of others. If Tookie can figure out some way to receive forgiveness from each of his four very dead victims, then maybe society can look a little more kindly upon him. If not, have a nice trip tough guy!