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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Local NAACP President Joins the Race Card Dishonor Roll

By now everyone has undoubtedly heard about the alleged racist statement made by the former Education Secretary, Drug Czar and current nationally syndicated talk show host Bill Bennett. That Bennett is conservative and strongly pro-life is without dispute. Furthermore, anyone who listens to Bennett’s radio show knows that he treats all guests and callers with the utmost respect, irrespective of race. Bennett has a strong record to support the contention that he is not a racist. And, a conscientious effort to examine the totality and the context of Bennett’s comments supports the view that Bennett is no racist.

The same can not be easily said for some of his detractors. Take for instance, John R. Hatcher III, president of the NAACP in Ventura County. Hatcher is quoted,

"Bill Bennett is a typical racist, institutional white boy," said John R. Hatcher III, president of the NAACP in Ventura County. "This person who hired him needs to apologize to every black person in America. And I don't mean saying, 'Hey, I'm sorry.' I think he needs to apologize by hiring some black people on his radio station."

So, it seems that Hatcher has no problem playing the race card when denouncing Bennett for an alleged racist statement. Who is this guy Hatcher?

Well, he has been around for quite awhile in his current position with the NAACP. Every once in awhile his name pops up in the news media trying his best to make a racial mountain out of a mole hill, or no hill at all, in Ventura County. I suspect that he is constantly vigilant against the next raid by the pointy heads in the white sheets. Too bad for Hatcher that they don’t exist here.

I wrote in Playing the Race Card Cripples Society,

Racists in the United States come in all colors. Isn’t it interesting that the most prominent racists, when it comes to the extent of media coverage, are from the black leadership.

John Hatcher III, joins the Race Card Dishonor Roll. Perhaps it is time for Hatcher to apologize by hiring some white people in his Ventura County NAACP organization.