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Friday, October 07, 2005

Al Qaeda is Only One Hydra Head

Ever since 9/11/01, the western media, at least in the U.S., has repeated the words “al Qaeda” and “Osama bin Ladin” in a never ending mantra. Yes, al Qaeda is a significant Islamo-fascist opponent, and yes, bin Ladin is the nominal head of al Qaeda. But, don’t get all hung up on these details.

Islamo-fascism is a hydra, the multi-headed serpent of Greek mythology, that grows two new heads every time you cut one off. And, al Qaeda is nothing more than one of the heads, albeit a significant one since not all heads are created equal.

Osama bin Ladin owes his current fame to being involved in a number of significant events targeting the U.S. and having the media and world governments latch onto his name. There are a number of significant Islamo-fascists “leaders” not the least of which is Egyptian cleric Omar Abdel-Rahman, theBlind Sheik, who sits in a U.S. prison convicted of the first World Trade Center bombing.

Islamo-fascist groups are legion and world-wide ranging from the big and well known to the small and little known. Five examples: al Qaeda, Saudi Arabian based; Muslim Brotherhood-Egyptian branch; Jemaah Islamiyah, Indonesian based; Ansar al-Islam, Kurdish based; Jamiyyat Ul Islam Is Saheeh, California based; etc, etc, etc.

Pres. Bush reiterated the multiplicity of the problem in his speech to the National Endowment for Democracy,
Many militants are part of global, borderless terrorist organizations like al Qaeda, which spreads propaganda, and provides financing and technical assistance to local extremists, and conducts dramatic and brutal operations like September the 11th. Other militants are found in regional groups, often associated with al Qaeda -- paramilitary insurgencies and separatist movements in places like Somalia, and the Philippines, and Pakistan, and Chechnya, and Kashmir, and Algeria. Still others spring up in local cells, inspired by Islamic radicalism, but not centrally directed. Islamic radicalism is more like a loose network with many branches than an army under a single command. Yet these operatives, fighting on scattered battlefields, share a similar ideology and vision for our world.

A shared ideology is the body of the Islamo-fascist hydra. It springs from and is nourished by a fundamental view of Islam. The hydra targets all infidels, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, in its quest to establish another Caliphate. You can lop off heads all day long; And, you must do so because it is the individual heads that are the troops in the field carrying out the action plans for the establishment of the new Caliphate. But, you will never kill the hydra because the hydra is an idea. The best hope is that the religious tolerant, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, will join forces with secularists in a concerted effort to exterminate as many Islamo-fascists as possible and to render its breeding grounds infertile.