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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Gun Makers Shielded from Lawsuits: Anti-Gun Nuts Defeated

Both the Senate and the House approved legislation that shields gun manufacturers and dealers from the lawsuits stemming from victims of gun crimes. The legislation does not relieve the manufacturers from product liability lawsuits. President Bush is expected to sign the bill. Read the article here.

It has taken way too long for this legislation to become law. The premise that a lawful manufacturer or dealer making and selling a lawful product should be liable for the criminal misuse of the product is the height of absurdity. Unfortunately, in their angst to remove all guns from the public, the anti-gun lobby does not care about common sense, much less the rights of the public to own firearms.

Disregarding Second Amendment issues, the argument that there is no need for the public to own and possess firearms is facetious even in the best of times. Post hurricane Katrina, tell the lawful residents of New Orleans about how government will protect you from the criminals.