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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New 007 Hates Guns: Me Too

This is London reported that, “Daniel Craig will have a problem playing the new James Bond - because he hates guns.”

Daniel Craig is quoted with this insight, "I hate handguns. Handguns are used to shoot people and as long as they are around, people will shoot each other.”

I’m right there with Craig on this one. And, you can add to the list knives, swords, bats, bow & arrows, cars, poison, rocks, but you get the idea. So if I were Emperor or Despot or whatever designation suits you, here’s what I’d do: confiscate all guns. That way only I would have the guns and no one could challenge me. OK, now go ahead and bring a knife to a gunfight. In the case of Craig, he could just use one of the numerous rocks in his noodle.