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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Have Become My Grandma

Through the eyes of a ten year old, it was extremely amusing to watch my grandmother search in vain for her eyeglasses until I pointed out to her that they were securely perched on the top of her head. We both had a hearty laugh when her hands flew up and discovered the missing spectacles. She was a good sport with such things. That was some fifty years ago. She was about the same age as I am now.

Flash forward to the present. It’s still dark outside and cold as a well diggers …, well you get the idea. I’ve just come down from the barn with a dozen things running through my mind; ticking off the day’s agenda. I dialup my wife, she is already at work, to discuss some weighty subject or the other. Midway through the conversation, my hand drops to my waist and discovers the cellphone clip securely attached to my belt sans cellphone. A quick appraisal of the situation and I conclude that I must have lost the cellphone somewhere around the barn. That means that I must trudge back to the barn in the cold, dark morning. I exclaim as such to my wife. As I put the period at the end of my sentence, I have a gestalt realization that I am talking to my wife on my cellphone. Upon my reflexive disclosure of the mental lapse, my wife bursts out laughing. Now we are both howling with one of those pee your pants sort of laughter.

OK, so I’m getting older and had a little mental faux pas. A least I didn’t lose bladder control. That comes next. Oh well, they say laughter is good for your health.