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Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Watched A Good Man Die

I witnessed the death of an old man: eyes glazed over; ragged breathing; spasmodic muscle contractions; the death rattle. He rejected the energetic gift flowing through my body, the conduit. He was ready to go. He said so previously. And he told me again, this time by pushing away my hands, which rested directly over his heart. With energy still flowing within me, I did not have time to touch him again. In less than five minutes he was gone. And with his passing, the tension drained from his face. As death’s go, it’s a relative thing, his was a peaceful ending. Finished was a life well lived.

Today was to be his wedding anniversary with wife, business partner and friend all rolled into one. The passing concluded an earthly partnership just 5 days short of a 56 year run. She is ailing and will follow him soon. The hospice people know these things. As good a man as my uncle was, the best, my aunt is his equal.

Thanks Bob for all that you gave to me and my family. Rest in peace. Soon the love-of-your life will be with you again.