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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Europe is Spelled “Fools”

Europe is dying. Multi-culturalism is a harbinger of death for the Europe of Western Civilization. To belatedly celebrate Eid at the Rufford primary school in Lye, West Midlands, the Muslim holiday ending Ramadan, the school is forcing teachers and students to dress as Muslims.

A SCHOOL was yesterday accused of MAKING teachers dress up as Asians for a day – to celebrate a Muslim festival.

Kids at the 257-pupil primary have also been told to don ethnic garb even though most are Christians.

Are the Muslims at the school required to wear crosses and the Star of David, for Christian and Jewish holidays respectively? I’d like to see a Muslim in a yarmulka.

The morning assembly will be open to all parents – but dads are BARRED from a women-only party in the afternoon because Muslim husbands object to wives mixing with other men.

Just two members of staff – a part-time teacher and a teaching assistant – are Muslim.

The head of the school stated,

“It’s all part of a diversity project to promote multi-culturalism.”

Multi-culturalism is not the same as studying about other cultures. Multi-culturalism is the promotion of cultural value equivalence without critical examination nor any judgmental conclusion. Of course, what else could be expected from people that hold the unobtainable principle of equality as a higher standard than liberty?

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