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Monday, December 10, 2007

Some Immigrant Advocates Wish Harm on the U.S.

I understand the issues about illegal immigration and the supposed unwanted jobs that they fill. I understand the issues of family unification. But, can anyone tell me why certain Americans want to allow criminal “immigrants” to remain in the country? By criminal I’m not talking about the criminality of entering the country illegally. I’m talking about immigrants who are in the country legally and who commit crime.

Among the immigrant advocate community, there are individuals whose words and actions indicate that they wish harm on the U.S. community at large. How? By objecting to the possible deportation of criminal legal U.S. resident immigrants. The issue comes to the front surrounding the issuance of new Green Cards.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is considering a proposal to eliminate hundreds of thousands of green cards issued years ago without expiration dates, a move that would help the agency track down individuals who have committed crimes and might be eligible for deportation.

Newer cards, which expire after 10 years, are equipped with technology that makes them less susceptible to fraud…

But some immigration attorneys and advocates said the proposal is just another way to round up legal permanent residents with criminal records. Under the law, green card holders who have committed certain crimes are eligible for deportation.

And, what is wrong with that? And, why do these people want to inflict harm on our society?

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U.S. agency looks at eliminating old green cards