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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Be Leary When You Call Someone a Worthless Pig

One of the corrosive characterizations re-birthed in the 1960’s was the epitaph of “pig” applied to law enforcement officers. The term became a convenient verbal bludgeon used by the pseudo-intellectual anti-war crowd of the day.

When there is a high level of frustration or anger and/or a concomitant low verbalization skill, humans will latch onto a verbal club to smash an opponent. Commonly used terms are “nigger.” “spick,” “kike,” “Nazi,” and “pig” etc.

Today the “pig” club is almost socially acceptable and considered at most just a rude statement. One of the nice things about insulting a police officer is that there is an almost a non-existent chance of receiving a retaliatory punch in the nose. Police officers are expected to be mature enough and trained sufficiently to let insults roll off them as if so much water off a duck’s back. That is unless the police officer is off his rocker for whatever reason.

Along comes a 20 year old police officer who is in the emotional throes of an attempted reconciliation with a long standing relationship. He goes to her house and his love interest rebuffs him. From an AP article.

Peterson told Kegley that he had gone to his ex-girlfriend's house early Sunday morning in hopes of patching up the relationship after a recent breakup.

She is having a pizza party with some friends and someone adds insult to injury by calling the young suitor a “worthless pig.”

…Peterson lost control when an argument erupted and other people started ridiculing him as a "worthless pig."
Our rejected lover is not only stabbed in the heart by his love, but he is pierced to the quick by bystanders who literally add insult to injury. Big mistake! He kills six and wounds the seventh.

Too bad all those people had to die because some intellectually immature guests could not keep their two cents to themselves. When a segment of society feels immune from consequences of their acts, sometimes they get a big surprise.

Of course, there is a hue and cry about the age of the officer and questions about whether or not he was psychologically screened prior to being hired by law enforcement. All valid questions. But when is someone going to ask about the condition of a society that makes it so easy for its citizens to feel free to spuriously insult and demean the very people charged with protecting society?

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