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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thin Red Line, The Real Stars

Ben Stein, author of Real Stars, was interviewed on Fox News. Ben said that when he first met his father-in-law, who won two silver stars in two wars, Ben asked him.

Why are you in the Army? Do you like war?

Ben appended to his Fox News recitation, “I was an idiot.”

The father-in-law replied.

No, we in the army hate war. We are the ones getting killed.


So why do you do it Col. Denman?
The Colonel made the point.

So you and my daughter won’t have to.

Ben goes on to opine to the Fox reporters that we, among other things, need to have a full GI Bill for when our service people come back to us. That’s not something we are doing well. Read my blog, Support Troops in Iraq and Shaft Them at Home?

In Ben’s words.

We need to treat them like the gods they are.

All of the money Ben makes from the sales of Real Stars goes to the organization Taps, which supports service families which have lost a breadwinner.

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Support Troops in Iraq and Shaft Them at Home?