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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Concise Islamo-fascist Terrorism Assessment

A Washington Times commentary, Al Qaeda on the ropes?, on Sept 28, 2007, by Arnaud de Borchgrave is a concise assessment on the status of the war waged by Islamo-fascists. It is a harbinger of what is to come in the world-wide conflict.

…"Al Qaeda's organizing ability in cyberspace is unprecedented." Cyberpower has emerged as a complex ether power in which digital grass roots are truly global. Al Qaeda's 6,000-plus Web sites supply the ability to liberate and dominate at the same time. Al Qaeda now operates in virtual space with impunity in recruiting, proselytizing, plotting and planning.

In the ether (not the anesthetic), thought is a reality. For millions of Muslim surfers, the global caliphate and Shariah law exist. They have superseded the nation-state, whether the kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the Netherlands, where uhammad is the second most popular name for baby boys.

The Muslim world's extremists are roughly estimated at 1 percent of Islam's 1.3 billion adherents (or 13 million who see suicide bombers and other acts of terrorism as legitimate weapons of war against the U.S.-Zionist crusaders). The fundamentalists who approve of bin Laden, though not necessarily his MO, umber
about 130 million.

Extremist ranks include many well-educated, middle-class youngsters with computer skills. Some of the cells under surveillance in the United Kingdom include computer scientists and engineers. They travel online, meeting like-minded spirits in the virtual caliphate. Plotting has morphed from the mosque to the virtual global caliphate.

The world in on the cusp of the most disastrous war eclipsing all that we have imagined short of immediate nuclear annihilation in one fell swoop with the Soviet Union. However, the nuclear bomb component becomes an immediate reality should the government of Pakistan fall into the hands of the Islamo-fascists. Iran’s nuclear bomb is still in the future.

Unfortunately, without the help of the estimated 99% of Muslims currently classified as non-extremist, the war with Islamo-fascism is likely to be lost unless there are draconian steps taken. Given the crowing about Iraq by the turn tail and run crowd, we have a tough row to hoe.

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