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Friday, September 21, 2007

Greatest “Ass” Award Reveals True Colors

I received an e-mail entitled the “Greatest “Ass” Award” from a dear friend, a woman that I’ve known for many years. The third runner-up is the photo depicted herein. The second runner-up was of a standing male with his pants down to his knees. And, the winner was, yes you guessed it, a photo of Pres. George Bush. Here is my reply to my friend.


Your e-mail is either directed to females or gay males. That’s ok, but I’m wondering why you, therefore, sent it to me.

The characterizing of a person as an “ass” is not the provision of just the left/liberal. There is an e-mail going around depicting Hillary Clinton as the rear end of a horse.

Having said all of that, I don’t take offense at the jab at the President. You notice that I capitalized the “P” which signifies not only the office title, but also the respect for the office. While I would do the same for ex-Presidents Clinton and Carter, their presidencies only merit a small “p” based upon their performance. You can dislike Pres. Bush all you like, and he has made lots of mistakes. Given today’s world conditions, the alternative of having had Gore or Kerry as President is too horrible to consider. I find that people who hate Pres. Bush don’t seem to have much of a concept of how bad these two alternatives would have been.

I imagine that most liberal/leftists (there is a dramatic shrinking gap between the two today) will get a big kick out of your e-mail because they literally hate Pres. Bush. The hate is characteristic of the left and somewhat representative of liberals because they are generally more emotionally based people. And, it is emotions, rather than intellect, that guides and colors their political persuasion. It is, therefore, understandable that there are greater percentages of females in the leftist and liberal camps than males. And, it is my experience from public demonstrations that females are generally more volatile and profane than males.

It is not the shot at Pres. Bush that I find offensive with your e-mail. It is the photo of the male lying on an American flag. The American flag represents the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans that has been spilled for your freedom to take pot-shots at the President. The male might just as well be stomping on the flag. The flag is to be flown proudly and not disrespected by being placed on the ground and laid upon as if it were a blanket.

You probably never even gave the depicted American flag a second glance. Most leftists/liberals probably would not, as well. Basic respect of the flag, as a symbol of freedom and the sacrifice for that freedom, are not core values of leftists. They show more respect to the butcher Che Guevara.

Now, I don’t believe that you are a leftist by any stretch of the imagination. But, you do profess the emotional response of liberals in respect to your disdain for our President. You do have the right to do so, and you do have the right to be short-sighted and ill-informed. But, I suggest that you rethink your positions. If you can’t be passionately opposed to what the leftist philosophy portends for your own sake, you might start considering what all this means for your grandchildren.