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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stone’s Twin Towers

I don’t get the opportunity to see many movies, but I did watch Oliver Stone’s Twin Tower Center last night. I won’t venture an opinion as to the quality of the acting, since standard movie review is not my forte. However, I do have some thoughts as to the value of the flick when it comes to documenting the foremost American tragic event in last few of decades.

I was immediately struck by the lack of perspective relative to the world’s reaction to the destruction of the towers. The film displayed the numbing astonishment on the part of much of the world, but noticeably absent was the wild celebration by Muslims the world-over. If you did not know the details of the event, you’d have thought the world was numb over some natural catastrophe. As a result, the remainder of the film was nothing more than the heroic attempts of humans to help other humans in dire straights and the anguish of family and friends.

Two thumbs down for accuracy in portraying the actual event.