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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Putting A Black Face on Islamo-Fascism

When questioned, I suspect most Americans will have a passing knowledge with Al-Qaeda and its evil intents. But, I suspect that far less have an appreciation for the true Islamo-fascist threat, which is the spread of the Sharia Court irrespective to nationality and ethnic origin.

You may recall that in the early 1990’s the U.S. and other forces were involved in a little dust-up in Somalia, which resulted in the ignominious defeat featured in the movie, Black Hawk Down. Pres. Bill Clinton handled that foreign policy problem well. He tucked tail and ran.

Since that time, the Islamists, that’s black Islamists, have made a real pest of themselves and managed to control a goodly portion of the country. However, recently the Somalia government and Ethiopian troops managed to route the Islamists and liberate Mogadishu and much of the formerly Islamist controlled territory.

Vast numbers of Africans are Muslims and Islamo-fascists are searching the world-over for likely spots to install the rule of the Sharia Court. Somalia and other parts of Africa have the real potential to become the new training bases to feed the Islamist agenda of controlling as much of the world as possible.

Douglas Farah has an excellent piece entitled, The Wrong Question on Somalia.

Part of the policy debate over what do to (or what should have been done) about Somalia centers on the question of the relationship between al Qaed and the Islamic Court movement.

That is the wrong question. The question that should be asked is not dependent on the presence of specific individuals who have sworn an oath to Osama bin Laden and the old organization of al Qaeda. It is whether the Courts were part of a broader Islamist movement seeking to impose sharia law and create and entirely Muslim enclave that would constitute the beginnings (or the re-beginings) of the Islamist caliphate.

The answer in this case is clearly yes. There is a law enforcement interest in knowing if Fazul et al are in Somalia. But there is ample evidence, from their own statements and actions, that the Court leadership that triumphed was a intergral link in the Islamist narrative, woven and rewoven in different conflicts around the globe.

According to late breaking news, U.S. forces are again in action in Somalia,

A U.S. attack plane killed many people with barrages of gunfire in a remote Somali village occupied by Islamists thought to be hiding at least one al Qaeda suspect, a Somali government source said on Tuesday.
In the first known direct U.S. military intervention in Somalia since a failed peacekeeping mission that ended in 1994, an AC-130 plane rained gunfire on the desolate southern village of Hayo near the Kenyan border late on Monday.

Americans need to acknowledge the black face of Islamo-fascism.