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Monday, January 01, 2007

Captain Barbosa Drinks Soda

My almost 4 year old (going on 16) granddaughter is enamored with Captain Jack Sparrow and his “Pirates of the Caribbean” antics. Of course, she has both of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” DVD’s, neither of which had my wife and I seen.

On New Years Eve day, my granddaughter informed me that Captain Barbosa drinks soda (pop) because he is a “bad guy.” Naturally she expanded upon the theme and announced that Captain Jack Sparrow is a “good guy,” and that he drinks water. She advised that she also drinks water, as well, and not soda.

Later that day, my wife was looking through our number one daughter’s DVD collection for a possible DVD in case we couldn’t find anything else of which to amuse ourselves on New Year’s Eve. Our granddaughter insisted that my wife include both of the prized “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies in her selection. That’s what we did, watched both of them.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies are rated “PG,” and I’d have thought that all the mayhem, monsters and violence might scare a 4 year old. Well, not my granddaughter. I conclude that my daughter and her husband are either extremely astute as to what their daughter can handle or they are just down right lucky. My grandsons, who are older and from daughter number two, won’t watch the movies because they are too scary.

Today my wife was speaking with our granddaughter on the telephone and advised her that we had watched both of the movies. To that, our granddaughter asked if we going to bring the movies back.

At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed both movies, especially Johnny Depp’s performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. In the sequel movie, everyone is seeking a chest containing the living and thumping heart of Davy Jones. Captain Jack Sparrow obtains the heart and then unbeknownst to him, he loses it. When he discovers the heart missing, he states:

Where is it? Where is the thump-thump?
That line is still cracking me up.

Captain Barbosa, that evil soda drinking scoundrel, is killed off in the first movie. To tell you the truth, everybody was drinking rum in the movies so I’m not sure what to make of my granddaughter’s soda assertions. I know that she did not get it from home. Maybe her “Papa,” that’s me, is having an effect.