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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not Chris Farley’s Fault, Give Me A Break

Comedian Chris Farley was an alcoholic and a drug user. In 1997, he died of a drug overdose. There is a Chris Farley Foundation which addresses drug and alcohol addiction. Currently running in Southern California is a radio advertisement for the PROMETA drug and alcohol treatment protocol.

The radio commercial speaker alleges to be a brother of Chris Farley and announces that it is known that alcohol and drug use alters brain functions. The speaker then makes the outlandish statement that because of the brain changes that it is not all Chris Farley’s fault that he died of an overdose. Well if there is fault, and not all of it is Chris’, who else shares in the fault? The radio commercial does not address the issue, but rather hypes PROMETA.

For commercial purposes, PROMETA is appealing to drug and alcohol abusers and their supporters by alleging that the abuser is really not responsible for his own actions. I’m sorry, but the fault totally belongs to Chris Farley. No matter what personal demons may have induced Farley to abuse alcohol and drugs, it was totally his decision. He was a loser and the rest of the abusers are no different until they take responsibility for their own actions and pull themselves out of the addiction. Tough job. Many can’t do it. Good luck to those who can.