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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why Do They Fight?

Why is it that military service personnel willingly choose a profession that is designed to put the person in harms way? Is it the need for a job? Or, the desire for an education? Is it patriotism? A desire to test yourself against the best that this country offers? The answer is yes to all of the above.

But, what is the motivation that drives these people forward to perform amazing feats in situations where a good majority of the non-military citizens would wet their pants with fear and freeze-up into a state of inaction?

Former Captain Nathaniel Fick, U.S. Marine Corps, fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Captain Fick talks about his experiences in his book, “One Bullet Away.” Captain Fick said,

I took 65 men to war and brought 65 men home.

Together we passed the test. Fear did not beat us.

We fought for each other.

Captain Fick’s last comment is not likely to be understood at the gut level by anyone who has not experienced the fear of combat with comrades-in-arms, whether in war or on the mean streets.

So, for all the Che Guevara aficionados and other leftist “intellectuals” solving the world’s problems in coffee houses secure within your self-righteous smugness, drink-up my friends. At least you impress yourselves, and no harm is likely to come to you. And, you are not likely to ever be in a situation where fear causes you to soil yourself. That’s because others are carrying the burden for you.