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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Can You Spell “Evil?”

Here is a given; American leftists adamantly opposed the U.S. deposing of Saddam Hussein and the current U.S. fighting of Iraqi insurgents and Islamo-fascists. If you are one of these people, answer this. Are the people that we are fighting “evil?” Yes? No? Or, does it even matter?

My suspicious is that most leftists will not want to be tied down on this issue because the most likely answer will expose the leftist for what he really is, a person with a broken moral compass.

Leftists are supposed to be the progressive people. They are the people who yearn for the freeing of the masses from the bondage and subjugation of capitalism and religion. Western democracy is firmly rooted in capitalism and any advancement toward more countries embracing Western democracy, and thus capitalism, flies in the face of the progressive dream.

There is no description more apt for those people willing to indiscriminately kill to impose a Sharia based society than evil. Based upon their actions, it is evident that many leftists can not bring themselves to label Islamo-fascists as evil. I wonder if that is not partially because Communist regimes would have to be labeled as evil as well.

Darn those conservatives. They keep labeling people as evil. You know like, “the Evil Empire” and the “Axis of Evil.”