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Sunday, March 05, 2006

A New Breast Cancer Walk Season Begins

Breast cancer is a major killer for women. Men are susceptible to breast cancer as well, and the mortality rate is higher for men because it is often more advanced when discovered.

Both the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the cosmetic company Avon sponsor walks to raise funds for outreach to under-medically served women and research. In each walk, participant walkers raise a significant amount of money for the opportunity to join with like-minded people in completing an often strenuous two or three day event. Intervening nights between the day walks are spent in camps along the route. Assisting the walkers is a large contingent of volunteer crew.

The breast cancer walks differ from the standard charity in that the participants are exposed to what is often a life-changing experience. The events are so enriching that they bring people back year after year.

Avon begins the 2006 season with these 2 day events. Go here for a link to Avon.

Washington, DC April 29-30, 2006
Boston May 20-21, 2006
Chicago June 3-4, 2006
Denver June 24-25, 2006
San Francisco July 8-9, 2006
Los Angeles September 16-17, 2006
New York October 7-8, 2006
Charlotte October 21-22, 2006

Komen follows suit with these 3 day events. Go here for a link to Komen.

Boston August 4-6
Michigan August 11-13
Twin Cities August 18-20
Seattle August 25-27
Chicago September 8-10
Kansas City September 15-17
Philadelphia October 6-8
Tampa Bay October 13-15
Atlanta October 20-22
Dallas/Ft. Worth October 27-29
Arizona November 3-5
San Diego November 10-12

Each of the events has plenty of help and guidance in planning, training and completing the walk. Do yourself a favor and consider joining one or more of these adventures. Make friends that will last a lifetime. Sign-up now and start your training, or join the crew while you still can. Crew spots fill quickly and you will want to have an opportunity to choose your favorite type of job. Don’t wait, or you may be disappointed!