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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Illegal Aliens Out Of My City

If you want to live or work in my city, all you have to do is be a U.S. citizen or in the U.S. with a legal immigration status. That’s the message that I want to send to my city council. I am getting fed-up with the crime and the clogging-up of public services on account of illegal aliens. Citizens in other cities are fed-up as well, and they are beginning to do something about it. They are no longer sitting on their hands and wailing that the federal government is not doing its job of securing the borders.

In Hazleton, PA:

The day after illegal immigrants were declared officially unwelcome in this struggling little city, Wyoming Street fell quiet.

It had been a lively downtown strip of bodegas, hair salons and clothing stores patronized by the Hispanics who have poured into town seeking work over the last five years. It was also, some say, a hub of drug-dealing, prostitution and graffiti. Over the summer, when Hazleton officials created the nation's first ordinance aimed at driving away undocumented residents, thousands of people apparently packed up and left. Much of the crime vanished on Wyoming Street, but so did the customers.
On Wednesday, Hazleton plans to begin enforcing measures that punish landlords who rent to illegal immigrants and businesses that employ them.

In July, the Hazleton City Council passed the ordinance and even though it has not yet gone into effect:

Families moved out in the middle of the night in what city officials say was a rapid exodus of as many as 5,000 people.

From the sounds of things, the legal residents of Hazleton are pretty happy with the turn of events. One of the detractors said:

"There are a lot of legal residents and U.S. citizens who have left because they didn't feel welcome here anymore," said Anna Arias, who has led a campaign against the ordinance. "People feel it is OK to hate."

I suspect that the legal residents and U.S. citizens leaving allegation is a bunch of bunk, unless they left with family that are illegal aliens.

Anna Arias can call it “hate” if she likes, but it is not. That is a typical charge by those who support illegal aliens staying in this country illegally.

In my city, I know of an illegal alien, who works for a gardener and as a bus boy in a local restaurant. He is married to an illegal alien who has 5 or 6 children by several different fathers. Each of the children was born at the county hospital on the public dole. The gardener-bus boy is a nice guy, but I’d rather that he and his family, and all of his ilk, go back to Mexico, or wherever they came from, and I’ll happily pay a little more for my yard work and meals.

It’s nothing personal, but it is time for the illegal aliens to pack up and leave.

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