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Retired: 30years law enforcement-last 20 years Criminal Intelligence Detective.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

We Only Catch The Stupid Ones

After 27 years in law enforcement, I’ve concluded that “we only catch the stupid ones” is a fairly accurate characterization. The really good crooks accomplish their deeds and avoid capture. Some only have to accomplish their evil deed once, which makes it extremely difficult to thwart the act. That is of particular importance when the evil deed is terrorism.

As pointed out in this article by the Washington Post entitled, FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned, the would-be terrorists from Florida turn out to be a bunch of bumbling idiots. Now defense attorneys will try their best to destroy the government’s case by claiming that the government entrapped the hapless and toothless defendants.

In 1999, a few anit-government militia types decided that it would be a good idea to blow up a propane storage facility adjacent to Elk Grove, CA. That act could potentially have killed thousands and flattened a city. Good law enforcement work using informants not only thwarted the plans but netted the conspirators long prison sentences.

Law enforcement must proactively investigate every potential lead and prosecute when it comes to terrorism. To do otherwise could lead to catastrophic results. What greater reminder do we need with the fifth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks only days away? We’re not taking about a check kiting scheme here.

A defense attorney is an important tool in keeping government from running amuck. Nevertheless, the goal of the defense attorney should be to ensure truthfulness in the judicial procedure and not the release of the guilty. Not everyone will agree with that assessment. Take O.J. Simpson for instance.