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Friday, September 01, 2006

Disreputable Allegations Reveal Democratic Party Core Values

If you hate President Bush and Vice President Cheney, it must be acceptable behavior to make wild accusations that the Administration outed then CIA employee Valerie Plame. As it turns out, Plame’s husband, Joe Wilson, is the biggest culprit in the affair. Facts be damned, just throw it against the wall and see what sticks. Who cares if the wrong person gets smeared just as long as he’s on the other team and the allegation has the potential to damage President Bush. You can read the eulogy on the whole sordid affair here.

People from the same political bent as those who incorrectly howled about the Bush Administration on Plame have repeated as mantra that Bush lied about WMD’s in Iraq and that the war in Iraq was about stealing the Iraqi oil. These same people think that President Bush is controlled by a fundamental Christian cabal. Of course, many of the sheep bleat what they hear without the least bit of critical thought. It makes one wonder if these sound-byte intellectuals ever went to school. Come to think of it, they must have done so to have come to such idiotic conclusions.

The leadership of the Democratic Party has access to a wide variety of information not available to their flock. The leaders know better and choose the course of dishonesty and hasty accusations as a rational choice to politicize everything for their personal and party gain. That’s what politics are all about, and it’s done by both sides to one degree or the other. But, when it comes at a time when our national security is seriously threatened, the deliberate attempts to weaken the President for political gain are tantamount to treason.

Now, don’t jump to unfounded conclusions. I did not say that a leftist, liberal, or antiwar agenda is treasonous. But, it is wrongheaded because the party of appeasement is repeating the European experience of the 1930’s, which will ultimately result in the deaths of a greater number of Americans.

The Democratic Party is moving further and further to the left. Other than the leadership lunacy on a whole host of issues, it is demonstrable by the recent dumping of Sen. Joe Liberman, who was the Democratic Party’s Vice Presidential choice in 2000, in favor of a decidedly leftist candidate. The wail of the Democratic Party leadership has the tone and quality of the leftist/Communist/anarchist diatribe emanating since the 1960’s from our institutions of “higher education.”

Dishonesty, self-interest and appeasement. That’s quite a legacy for the party that was once called home by Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy. They must be spinning in their graves.

Update: NY Times article on the subject. Absent from the article is any mention of Mr.Wilson’s complicity in the scandal. What a shock.