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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Erwin Chemerinsky Wears Leftist Blinders

The "Smart Guys," Erwin Chemerinsky & John Eastman, joined Hugh Hewitt on his radio show on Wednesday, 12/15/05, for a discussion of an Iraqi comparison to the formation of this country in the 1700’s. John Eastman started off in the affirmative followed by Erwin’s dismissal:

I just don't think there's a parallel. I hope that the election is successful. I hope they have a constitution that works for them, a government that brings them peace, a government that allows us to withdraw as soon as possible. But the reality is, the American Revolution was led by Americans who wanted independence from England. This was a military action by the United States, to overthrow a government, in the words of the president, a regime change, that I think has done nothing but make that country much worse off. A terrible loss of lives for Iraqis and Americans, and a huge waste of money.

Both John and Hugh were stunned. Read the interchange at Radioblogger.

Erwin is a very smart guy when it comes to knowledge about the law. That’s what you would expect of a law professor at the Duke University Law School. But the glasses through which leftists see the world skew reality almost beyond belief.

Hugh followed up with,

Erwin, do you think Iraq is worse off today than it was three years ago?

Erwin replied,

Very much so. How many people have died as a result of this? How much have we destroyed the infrastructure as a result of this? What have we gotten for the hundreds of billions of dollars that we've just thrown down the drain, is what we've done? I think that this was a war that the president got us in, through nothing but lies. It's as ill-advised as anything the United States has done militarily,…

Really? Wow! Erwin succinctly defined the leftist view of the world, “What have we gotten for the hundreds of billions of dollars…?” And, this is from a leftist who is supposed to be compassionate for the less fortunate in our world. Erwin is worried about dollars.

But wait, he follows up with a claim that the President got us into the war on nothing but lies. I can understand the ill-informed man on the street holding such a position, but Erwin, the intellectual law professor? We are not talking about the nuances of law here; we’re talking about objective changes in the Iraqi society and life. If someone as bright as Erwin can’t see past the blinders of leftism, heaven helps us to ever convince them of anything. We really are in a cultural civil war.