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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

2005-The Year of Michael Yon

Michael Yon is an author who just completed a long stint imbedded with the Army in Iraq. I have written about Michael several times in this blog. If you are not reading Michael’s blog, you are missing a tremendous source of information, information that you will not get from the mainstream media.

2005 is definitely Michael’s year. He is well on his way to winning the top spot in the Weblog Awards of 2005 for best media/journalist blog. Go and vote for your favorite blogs here. Michael is also way out front in the Time Magazine contest for the best picture of the year. There are ten finalist photos. Go here to see the top ten photos and vote.

Congratulations Michael.

Update: Fri, 12/16/05

Michael handily won his catagory in the Weblog contest with 44.14% of the vote. Just goes to prove that the web users know quality when they see it.

Update: Sat, 12/16/05

The voting for the Time Mag photo contest is still going on. As of this date, Michael's photo has garnered 69% of the vote. His closest competitior has 5%. That photo is powerful!!